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Crediblock is an International Consultancy
registered in the Bahamas

CrediBlock is an international consultancy with experts in the fields of law, finance, capital markets, M&A, securities, and technology.

The focus of the consultancy is Sovereign Financial Matters (law, economics, and policy) as well as niche markets such as Pre IPO (including consulting for founders and executives on the Cap Table), early stage Venture Capital, international debt swaps, and derivatives.

  • Investment Banking
  • Wealth Management
  • Securities Lending
  • Derivatives & Crypto
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Joseph James Gelet, CTO (Series 3 Licensed)

(Chief Technology Officer, Founder)

Combined Years of Experience

Experience triumphs over youth.

Countries Served

We are an international operation.

Directors of Businesses

Legal, Financial, Technical, and Operations

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Investment Banking is an information service provided by a consultant with capital, called a banker. See our synergy of services at Crediblock - filling the niche of the new generation of financial institutions.
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Crediblock represents the new paradigm of global financial business.  We are an integrated system, that means Crediblock represents multiple financial disciplines, operating in synergy under one roof.  We are the future of finance.

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Crediblock is a holding company with multiple businesses running under the Crediblock brand. The goal is to build Crediblock into a world-leading investment bank.

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