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Blockpad is a private encrypted personal ledger, secure notepad, password manager, secure browser to access exchanges, one time pad, encryption tool, and more. Features include password generator, secret text message scrambler, coin transaction record ledger (for personal use), and multi-tab secure notepad. All this wrapped inside a security wall protected by AES-256 encryption, in a .bloc file. Blockpad is an ultra-secure environment by design, using multiple layers of security based on AES-256, a Cryptographic technology so secure, the NSA has stated it is sufficient to keep TOP SECRET information secure:
The design and strength of all key lengths of the AES algorithm (i.e., 128, 192 and 256) are sufficient to protect classified information up to the SECRET level. TOP SECRET information will require use of either the 192 or 256 key lengths. The implementation of AES in products intended to protect national security systems and/or information must be reviewed and certified by NSA prior to their acquisition and use.[15]
Blockpad is the Notepad for Crypto Traders, Blockchain Developers, Coders, Intelligence Operatives, Crypto Investors, et. al. Blockpad is a multi-use encrypted notepad secured with AES-256 and 2FA. Main features include code highlighting notepad for code writing, task list, document creation; keeping account usernames and passwords to Crypto related accounts securely in one place; and a Coin Records personal encrypted ledger to record coin transactions in an independently secured and controlled system. All the content in Blockpad is encrypted in a .bloc file accessible only with user credentials and 2FA. Blockpad is freeware with a paid option; Blockpad Premium is $9.99/month and offers more features, no ads, encrypted cloud backup of your .bloc file, premium skins, and an online recovery system. With security in mind, Blockpad can help you stay organized by keeping track of coin transactions, passwords, account credentials, and more. Blockpad is an application written in QT by Crediblock, a software and technology development company. It is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS. With Blockpad's secure account tab, you can save all your passwords in one encrypted place. Unlike other password applications, Blockpad is encrypted with AES and protected by 2FA which you can setup as complex as you'd like. There is even a timer that will lock the application after x minutes in case your curious roomate or office worker is snooping around your desk.

Perhaps one of the most useful writing applications and the most ubiquitous of the Windows generation has been Notepad++. It has a ridiculous amount of features, is useful in many ways, and is free. It will open files Windows notepad doesn't, such as large files that can cause memory issues in Windows notepad, and types of binary files with no extension. Basically Notepad++ is the most basic programming tool as it allows the creation and manipulation of simple text files. Programming environments such as Microsoft Visual Studio and other IDE are enhanced 'cockpit' environments but at the end of the day for programming all you need is a notepad and a compiler. Notepad++ is a limitless text editor and stops short of offering only compiling tools (and this is a logical and rational design decision as it remains in its own exclusive domain).

Warning - This is not an app! The idea of writing on a phone is absurd. Phones are for calling or quick chat messages (i.e. Short Message System SMS) for example, Hi Brian, are you available to speak now? Speech to text is hilarious with it's butchering of the human voice. In part of the system architecture of Blockpad, we considered the user experience. Mobile technology is not secure, always over wireless which can be easily hacked, spoofed, or thwarted. A mobile phone has many uses but writing, coding, and making security keys is not one of them. Authy and other 2FA apps are an exception to this rule, but Blockpad is not Authy - it's designed as a 'digital notepad'

Enter Bitcoin and Blockchain in the Fall of 2017 when everything is moving 'on-chain' and suddenly people are opening Crypto trading accounts at record paces. As with many new paradigms, the hype and excitement ran far in front of development; few useable robust tools exist for Blockchain development. Crypto trading is another area where there is more interest than there is robust tools to support it. "Exchanges" often fail in simple functions like 2FA, account reporting, logging in, money transfers, and it's mostly web based. Users who are not programmers or technical people are left only to trust friends who are. Unlike in traditional banking where everything is made for 'moms and dads' - in the Crypto world, not. So we developed Blockpad, it's a multi-use Notepad tool, we hope it is the Notepad++ of Crypto.

It's free, it's safe, and it's fun!

Blockpad has multiple uses:
  1. As a secure notepad, for taking notes, or for programming Solidity, or your website.
  2. As a secure private ledger, for recording your Crypto transactions.
  3. As a store of account usernames and passwords, including 2FA info.

Everything is encrypted, you can't open Blockpad without creating an Encrypted .block file using AES. We digitally signed it so Windows should recognize it. Now we're releasing the Beta version and will work on a cloud backup solution and premium version. Stay tuned in for more updates by Joining the Crediblock newsletter

About this page - The background video image if you are viewing this site on a desktop computer represents the digital event horizon of the 5th dimension, the singularity is portrayed as a glowing light source, with the past flowing towards us as a grid. In Cryptography, time is of the essence. Using common brute force techniques a computer will take x number of years to crack a 256-bit encrypted password. Algorithm optimization and use of mass chunks of processing power (often combined) attempt to reduce the time required to break into a secure system. Real-time code breaking is not yet possible with current methods, but as computing power increases and with it the ability of computer algorithms to break codes, so do encryption methods. The only robust security is a mix of physical and electronic security walls layered and intertwined, which evolve in real time (this could be considered an Expert System or Artificial Intelligence).


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Blockpad

Q: Can one hack and take Blocpad from a owners Windows or IOS systems? Please explain?

A: Blockpad enables 2FA which means a hacker would need to gain access to both the Windows/IOS system AND the email associated with the account AND know the password. If the hacker had all of these they would still need to do a full restore using the cloud backup feature on a new system, at which point they would need to re-verify themselves with security questions and other credentials. This is above and beyond standard security protocols used by Crypto exchanges and the US Military. Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and others - were all 'insiders' that means no one ever hacked the NSA from the outside. That means if you have a friend or roommate who has physical access to your machine, they could hold a gun to your head and force you to re-create the process and provide them access to it. Including the physical layer of security nothing is unhackable. But it would be nearly impossible 99.99% for a hacker to break the AES-256 encryption used on the .bloc files. Also, there is a logout inactivity timer which the user can set, which means that after 30 minutes you will need to re-enter your password.

Q: Can one create business login or simple executables on Blocpad?

A: Blockpad is a text only tool, that means you could write the code and save it, it is not a compiler. It can be used for business. Bloc10 uses it for business.

Q: Can one use the Blocpad as a bitcoin wallet?

A: No, it is not a wallet and will never be a wallet. Information is safe inside the .bloc file and it never communicates with the outside world except we have a dump function (PRINT). For the premium secure cloud backup service we have an encrypted tunnel using temporary encrypted keys that self-destruct after single use, with Amazon Web Services (AWS). The process is ultra secure.

Q: Can User #1 Blocpad owner transfer/pass ownership of their Blocpad to another User#2?

A: Yes, whoever has the private key, password, and access to the 2FA mail it could be transferred to another user, or used by multiple users.

Q: What are the Blocpad private ledger features?

A: When a user sends or receives Crypto currency it is usually in between different security walls, i.e. from a desktop wallet to an exchange, or from an exchange to an individual user. Just like in accounting it's important to keep records of transactions. So we have created a secure private ledger, available on the "Coin Records" tab. This allows users to enter the Block Address, and enter text values "From" "To" and "Notes" For example:

3BxUpVTtLHtQC9gCDFZ18wDaX8MWLoBYLK From: Coinbase General To: Public Notes: General Blockpad address for public

When you hit enter that transaction value is saved and cannot be deleted. This can be helpful in case there are problems with the transaction or if you want to later examine your transactions with a Blockchain explorer or other system. We will build out this feature set for now it is just a secure personal ledger.

Q: Can Blocpad communicate to financial/banking systems or any sytems directly and respond?

A: No. Blockpad is a secure notepad, it is not a Blockchain technology nor a Financial system, it is a Cryptographic Multi-function Tool. We may utilize API reporting for Crypto trades in future updates.

Q: Can Blocpad have Ai and/or Machine Learning?

A: For what purpose? Not sure how it would work with Blockpad, unless someone wanted an AI system to do the typing for them.

Q: Can Blocpad be used within Internet-of-Things (IoT) Applications and Devices?

A: Blockpad runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and will later run on IOS & Android. It isn't an IOT app.

Q: Can Blocpad have Near Field Communication (NFC) payment features? Near fFeld Communication (NFC) is the technology that allows two devices like a smartphone and a payments terminal to talk to each other when they're close together. NFC is the technology that enables contactless payments.

A: Blockpad is not a payment system, it's not a wallet, the idea is a secure notepad which is NOT attached to the financial ecosystem by design. If Blockpad was connected to an exchange system or a wallet system for example, and that system was comprimised, Blockpad would be comprimised. Bloc10 is a FinTech Blockchain development firm and we plan to make many financial applications this year. Blockpad is not a financial application.

Q: Can Blocpad have eCommerce features like Instagram Shopping/Sopify?

A: Blockpad can be used to manage eCommerce business, including taking notes, making documents, or sending secure text messages from Blockpad to Blockpad (Blockpad itself is not a communication tool, but Blockpad can encrypt text which can be decrypted by the recipient using Blockpad).

Q: BitGo has a Three Key solution to their wallet, do you have any thoughts on this security feature?

A: The more security layers the better, data centers use man traps and multiple room key entry systems that make them virtually impossible to penetrate. Cases where a hacker penetrated such a security wall without having the keys are very rare, I'm not aware of any in the United States. Blockpad is designed as a non-financial application, with a strong security wall.


Technology Used on this site: JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP, AWS
Applications Used to develop Blockpad: Adobe Photoshop, QT Designer, Blockpad itself, GitHub, Bintray, AWS, FileZilla, Adobe Dreamweaver, iMindMap, Notepad ++, Google Chrome
Credits: Design & Architecture by Joseph Gelet. Programming, implementation, & security by Aleksey Shmuley. Music by Peter Nickalls.
Vendors: Digital Certificate & Code Signing Certificate by Comodo. Web Hosting for blockpad on AWS by Amazon and Siteground. Domain name registration and DNS configuration by GoDaddy. Distribution by JFrog(Bintray). Stock video from Envato. PHP & W3 Code snippets from W3Schools.

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